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Why You Need Dental Exams and Cleaning in Urbandale, IA 50322?

Did you know your oral health and overall health are closely interlinked? Yes. Most dental problems and infections can affect one's overall health and vice versa. That’s the reason we need regular dental examinations and it's important to check for any dental problems. Studies suggest that dental bacteria and the inflammation associated with a severe form of gum disease might play a role in some other diseases. Some diseases, such as diabetes and HIV can lower the body's resistance to infection, making dental health problems more severe.

Regular Dental Exam & Cleanings in Urbandale, IA?

Regular dental exams incorporating professional teeth cleaning are the keystone of preventive dentistry and its focus on minimizing or avoiding oral health issues. Routine check-ups and cleanings play a crucial role in helping to keep your oral health upscale. Some of the routine check that would be beneficial:

  • Prevent dental decay

  • Early oral cancer detection

  • Prevent periodontal disease

  • Prevent Gum disease

  • Keep your teeth free of stains and discoloration

Expert recommends that you should get your dental checkups twice a year. However, if you have a serious dental condition, you may be advised to get frequent dental visits to monitor your progress.


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At Smile Again Dentistry and Orthodontics we customize every dental checkup to meet your specific dental needs. We will also discuss with you the practical routine you can take to enhance your oral hygiene and overall health. Our dentists are trained to answer any questions you may have. So, if you are looking for a dental exam and cleaning treatment in Urbandale, IA make an appointment with us and our dental team will take care of you.

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